If you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows in the past or just don’t like their natural shape, brow microblading offers you perfectly symmetrical pigmented brows. The customizable procedure, which is similar to tattooing, is available from DK Abduli and the team at DK Med Spa on the Midtown Manhattan in New York City and on Chicago’s North Shore in Northbrook, Illinois. Call DK Med Spa or schedule an appointment online for perfect brows with microblading today.

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What is brow microblading?

Brow microblading is a procedure you can use to get defined, shaped, and symmetrical eyebrows. If you have thin eyebrows, sparse eyebrows, or none at all, the team at DK Med Spa can give you shapely brows that flatter your face and frame your eyes.

Brow microblading is similar to tattooing, but the results aren’t as permanent. Using a fine blade, your provider etches pigment in your skin to look like natural eyebrow hairs. The DK Med Spa team relies on high-end Swiss Color® pigments from Austria. These pigments come in an array of colors that can be mixed or left alone to match your perfect shade.

The Swiss Color® line also includes products to increase shine, strengthen the color, and seal the results so they last.

What should I expect during a brow microblading appointment?

When you visit DK Med Spa for brow microblading, the team takes account of your input for the style and color of your microbladed brows. They may give you a few different options.

Once the team has a plan, they apply numbing medication to your brow area to help you avoid discomfort. While you might feel a scraping sensation across your brow as your provider blades the individual hairs into your skin, you won’t feel any pain.

The team takes great care to blade your eyebrows perfectly. It’s not uncommon for brow microblading to take up to two hours to complete.

How long do the results of brow microblading last?

The results of brow microblading can last for years at a time, and taking care of your brows can keep the pigment bright and defined. In general, you can expect to see the results fade around 18-30 months after the procedure. You can preserve your results by:

  • Getting touch-ups once or twice a year
  • Avoiding washing your brows for at least six weeks
  • Avoiding heavy workouts for 48 hours
  • Avoiding contact with water for 48 hours
  • Fighting the urge to touch or rub your skin in the area

Getting touch-up treatments allows you to keep your brows looking great without always having to go through the entire process of shaping and blading your brows. (Touch-ups don’t take as long as the full procedure itself.)

Call DK Med Spa or schedule an appointment online for a brow microblading appointment today.