Welcome to DK Med Spa, where your journey to becoming a certified microblading expert begins. We are proud partners with the prestigious Swiss Color International Academy, a renowned institution with a rich history dating back to 2003 when it originated in Switzerland. Today, the academy’s headquarters are situated in the beautiful Angerberg, Austria.
Swiss Color has grown to become a globally recognized brand, with a presence in 68 countries around the world. As the exclusive providers of Swiss Color training in New York and Illinois, we offer aspiring microblading artists a unique opportunity. When you train and earn your certification with Swiss Color, you’re not limited to just NY and IL; you can take your skills and certification anywhere across the globe. This is because Swiss Color is an internationally renowned brand that opens doors to opportunities worldwide.

Join us at DK Med Spa and embark on your microblading training journey with the assurance of a global certification that can set your career in motion, no matter where you choose to practice your art.

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